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I just want to air out what I feel... I was employed in a Resthome & hospital facility, had 52 residents with 1 nurse on duty there's also an EN but her shift's end at 5pm. This happened on the afternoon shift 3p-11pm. I made a medication error by giving Trimethoprim 300mg bd p.o instead of od only, the morning RN has given it at 8am and i gave again at 5pm for 3 days in a row. I didnt realize my error in the 5th day when the morning RN told me during handover that she couldn't find the ABS bottle, although on the 4th day I just had this feeling of I might have done something wrong/ has not done something that I should have done but then it slipped of my mind because I was busy charting my notes I didnt have the time anymore to check my medication chart(which I should have done even if i'll stay longer at work) and still has to check the residents and do security check (close doors&windows) before starting the night shift handover. Anyway back to the 5th day I informed my Manager I made the medication errors and she called the doctor and I went to get the residents vital signs,the resident was fine there was no adverse reaction noted.(thank god she was fine) I filled up the IR. The next day my 6th day the business manager and clinical manager called me to the office as they want to know what happened so I told them what happened but the CM said that why would I not be able to know my error when it was clearly accurately written in the medication chart, then she said that I should have told/discussed with the night RN/doctor about the error so that they can monitor the resident(but how can i tell the night RN when I myself cant pinpoint yet what error I've done) anyway they then told me that they will report what happened to the NUrsing Council and they will do a diciplinary meeting, after a few days I was terminated.

I was so devastated about what happened esp with the medication error I have been a RN for more than 3 yrs in my country and coming to this new country just in my 5 month of working as an RN i made this error already and now my license is also at stake because Nursing Council wants me to go for competence review. Im still looking for a job right now but I dont know if I'll be able to get one because of my status right now. I just dont understand my managers why do they have to report it to NUrsing Council when I have another collegue who had given another residents anti seizure meds to another residents twice but she was not reported. And that a few days after the error the residents trimethoprim was stopped and was changed to another antibiotic because her UTI was not responding to it... oh i just dont know what to do anymore should i just go home back to my country or just stay put and go on with the competence review? i just cant stay here long enough as my savings are running out but how can i get a job with my status right now.:confused::crying2:

Okay - firstly whatever you do ADMIT where you are at when you apply for a new position.

Now - number 1 - they are on shaky ground OD is NOT a standard drug time here - Oh! it is used and commonly but it is NOT a standard and many places frown on it as it is too easily confused with "BD" and even "Overdose"

Look up "Medication safety" and you will and should be able to analyse what factors led you to the error - this will give you ammunition to defend yourself - and by the sounds of it there were a LOT of other factors not the least of which would be an insane patient:nurse ratio

Here is ONE link - albeit Australian

Remember New Zealand, like Australia, has a legal system based on "natural justice"

And it sounds very much like they have breeched those principles of natural justice - in which case you have a very strong argument in your favour


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Dear efRN,

my sister is unfortunately in the same situation! she got fired last day and been informed that the hospital management will notify the nursing council soon. She has joined the hospital in May this year and not in union as well!! I was searching in internet and happened to see your case. Did the nursing council support you?

Thanks a lot,


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