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Medical transcription??


Does anyone do medical transcription? I am hoping to start GCU in January but need to work fulltime. I've been considering doing medical transcription but would like to talk with someone who does it before going thru the training. Any input would be appreciated.

I was a medical transcriptionist and owned a service - in the biz for 15 years. I got out of it because it's very hard to make money now. A lot of the work has been outsourced to India or doctors are doing their own with new software programs that make that possible. So prices have been driven down. I'm sure there are still some people around making money but for the past 5 years after I sold my business, I haven't been able to find anything that pays much. Even if I find work, technological advances have actually made it way more hassle for the transcriptionist. Training is rough - it takes a long time to be able to "just know" what the docs are saying (lots of accents, fast talking, poor sound quality, etc).

I don't want to be discouraging because maybe you can make it work somehow but this has been my experience.

Go to mtstars.com for more info. Lots of MTs on that board.

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Thanks for the input. No worry about discouraging. I am looking for honest input so I don't jump into something blind sided and regret it later. I appreciate your reply!!