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Hey Yall,

I am going to be starting the LPN program in August and I need to brush up on my medical terminology. Could someone suggest a good medical terminology textbook?? In addition what else could I do to be ready for nursing school??? Any suggestions about skills I could brush up on??

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Specializes in med/surg, telemetry, IV therapy, mgmt. Has 40 years experience. 4 Articles; 14,603 Posts - medical terminology help from the university of minnesota - includes link to their interactive quiz program that has a medical terminology section - lots of online quizzes to help you learn medical terminology - medical terminology in a nutshell with several short quizzes - organized into sections on word roots, suffixes, prefixes, how to read a medical term, and abbreviations,4681,198650-,00.html - this is the companion website self study resouce for terminology of health and medicine by jane rice. there is a dropdown box just under the top banner that will give you access to the various chapters of the course. clicking on the individual chapters takes you to a page of objectives. however, on the left side of each page are links to multiple choice, t/f, labeling, fill in the blank and essay questions for that chapter along with a link to a glossary of medical terms. the labeling includes basic anatomy structures to be labeled. - this is a free on line medical terminology course. this link takes you to a page of links that are organized by stems (word roots), prefixes, and suffixes. there are multiple choice and matching exams after each section that give you instant feedback that tells you if your response is right or wrong



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See if this online bookstore website good for you.

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