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Wow, thank you so much for that site! I came to this thread because I am feeling the same way. I have the summer free of class and med terms is not required but I want to make sure I have some of the lingo down. Right now I do have to take some time to pick apart the information to answer questions or when I'm reading. I want to be more prepared for the tests and information.


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No problem :-) I'm glad that this is going to be helpful for other people!


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Dearest Tait,

My post was in no way an " attempt to start arguments" nor was it to " degrade other posters".

I read, diligently, through each comment posted and was simply offering my opinion in an attempt to help.

As I also wrote, this is a forum to SUPPORT, ENCOURAGE and HELP one another.

If being told I needed to improve on something was " degrading" to me...then I would have missed out on the expertise and knowledge of others.

Having said that, if my post was deemed as offensive to anyone then I offer my sincere it is never my intention to do so.

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