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Worst Case Scenario: What is the maximum number of patients per nurse on your Medical/Surgical floor? Which shift? Which state? How often do you find yourself in such a situation? ... Read More

  1. by   Aleksandarcox
  2. by   MECO28
    I will never complain about staffing again ever. 20 patients!!!!???!!! How often are you expected to check on them?
  3. by   Penelope_Pitstop
    Quote from Aleksandarcox
    If I was in ICU It would be much easier for me. Much smaller place, with more workers and less patients.
    But aren't those patients much sicker? And probably immobile as well?
  4. by   Aleksandarcox
    You are expected to always be somewhere around them.
  5. by   Aleksandarcox
    Quote from DeLanaHarvickWannabe
    But aren't those patients much sicker? And probably immobile as well?
    They are sicker and immobile, but job that you have to do with them is similar to those in Neurology.
    Change sheets, diapers, pajamas, prepare and give therapy, feed them, turn them in bed, etc.
    It is more stressful, but it is also physically much less demanding, because ICU department is much smaller and you have better nurse : patient ratio.
  6. by   JennRN423
    What's the max # of pts per nurse on your Med/Surg floor? Max # would be 7-8.
    Which shift? 7pm - 7am
    Which state? Alabama
    How often do you find yourself in such a situation? Not too often. A normal load is usually 5-6 pts with 1 tech. And days get 2 techs.
  7. by   susu_24x
    I work med-surg oncology .. from 7-11pm I am assigned 4-6 pts & 11-730am I pick up more .. so average 8-10 patients .. depending on the census + staffing (& budget..)
  8. by   cynmrn
    I work in IMCU, mostly cardiac/medical step-down unit. I work a 12 hour noc shift (1900-0700) and our maximum is 5:1, but usually, our ratio is 4:1. Very occasionally, we will have 3:1. Depending on staffing/census, we have either one or two techs on the floor. This is at a smaller hospital in Oregon. Some of these ratios make me have the horrors! I have a hard enough time some nights with this small of a load as a newer nurse, much less the numbers I have seen you all post!
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  9. by   MidLifeRN2012
    30 bed psych unit. 10 pt each nurse. But most of our patients are PO only with an occasional IM med or insulin.
  10. by   crybabyxo
    im laughing here because on a good day shift it 8-10 pts per nurse. on an evening shift its 2 RNs and 1 ENA(CNA) to 36 pts. and they expect miracles from us. its just so scary for me because im 3 months away from being an RN so im worried...the best we get is 5 patients per nurse
  11. by   devhrt12
    Central Florida we moved from 5:1 to 6:1 days and nights. Cna's take care of 17 pts but most of the time I do my own v/s, blood glucose test.
  12. by   freckles23
    I work night shift in NJ in a small community hospital on a med surg tele floor. Usually 4 nurses staffed, very rarely do we get 5. Max number of patients I had was 9. We can vary anywhere from 7 patients plus any admissions, really all depends. I find myself more with 8 patients but sometimes 7 patients and 2 admissions each nurse. Talk about stress and not enough time to do anything and the difficulty it is to stay safe! We have talked to the managers but they said nurse to patient ratio will not change. I feel there should be a state policy on how many patients to a nurse because it is best and safe practice. I will never understand it. God forbid something holds you back with one patient like a rapid response or code, all the other patients are being neglected which happens too often, meds become late and proper care is put on the back burner and all your patients get mad at you but I will never tell a patient we are short staffed, I always tell a patient I had an emergency in another room and apologize. One time I had a rapid response right at the start of my shift and was stuck in there til midnight and didnt give meds til then.

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