Switch from Nights to Days

  1. Hello ladies. I need a little advice. I graduated in August of last year and have been working a busy Med/Surg on night ever since. One of the day shift girls is quitting and her position has become available. I know for sure that none of the other night shift LPN's are interested. I am considering throwing my hat in the ring for the job.

    Could anyone offer any advice? Do you think it is a smart choice? What would be some of the disadvantages? I am fairly happy at night, but I think my home life would be better if I was on the same schedule as my husband. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   RNSuzq1
    Hi Apryl,

    I graduated last year - worked days for 6 months, then switched over to nights 4 months ago. To me, working a few 12's days or nights is equally "painful" :uhoh21:, but I personally like the pace of nights a lot better. The disadvantage of days is that you have all the "Admin" staff hovering around, Doc's constantly on the floor writing new orders, pt's going here and there for various procedures, and just my experience, there seems to be a lot more "drama" among the staff on the day shift.

    You said your home life would be better on days, so you should do what's best for yourself and your family - that's the most important thing. Good luck, let us know what you decide...