Stress, higher at the holidays?

  1. How do we manage to juggle 7-9 patients, give patient care, fulfill everyones' needs, and not lose our minds? I worked 2 doubles this weekend, and I have notices EVERYONE is at a higher stress level than ever!
    Doctors that don't hear patients' concerns (I had a patient the last two days, she is in her 70's, fell at home fx. humerus, fx. hip but poor surgical risk, emaciated, multiple lacerations...stage 2 to coccyx...they tried midline for hyperal and lipids although she eats 100% of her meal, nursing verbalized and charged that she didn't want anything else done, md wanted to do thoracentesis, patient refused...then he scheduled her for a barium enema and didn't even tell her! she refused and I encouraged her that it is her right to refuse any treatment).

    I called MD for MS04 reorder and he snapped at me and said it should have been on the chart on evening shift and I "interrupted his call from overseas..." Isn't patient care a 24 hour job. I think about my patients' when I'm not there, I am concerned with them.
    No time to help feed the patients, bless the nurses aides that really keep us going.

    My day shift charge nurse is great, she takes a report from all nurses at the beginning of the shift, manages the floor, and takes a FULL patient load like the rest of us and still keeps her cool. I like that she is fair and works with us. However, evening shift charge nurse takes only 3 patients and basically signs off orders at the desk. She said that she didn't have "time to babysit...we are RN's and we are responsible for what we do." and I agree, but we need a resource person.

    Perhaps I'm just overwhelmed. I've worked at this hospital for over a year, and I've had the worst two days of my life this weekend!

    Anyone else at the end of their mental ropes? I have an appointment with a lung specialist this afternoon, I'm going to address my stress issues that is causing me to have chest pains...Paxil, Xanax, Prozac...HELP>>>>>>>

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  3. by   rreed
    It was good to read your letter, to know that I'm not alone in this world. It seems that its the same where I work too, so were not alone at this job, and I don't see it getting any better either.
  4. by   WAMI
    I haven't gotten out of work on time in the past three weeks. Our Southeastern Michigan hospital is experiencing the same situation as anywhere else. The midnight shift personnel are expected to put up and shut up.

    I am in BSN completion classes now and encounter the same comments from literally everyone. So, take are not alone.

    My solution to stress, and it helped a lot, was to cut back one work-day a week. I know about the bills; I am a single-parent and take care of everything myself. The pay difference is almost zero because a smaller paycheck isn't taxed as much. The benefits of more time for myself and family outweigh the $. I have time to focus on other things.

    Good luck.