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Ok, here's the situation......2 days ago I took care of a 54 y.o male patient who had a lap chole POD #2, except for history of prostate enlargement and depression, this patient is otherwise healthy... Read More

  1. by   chenoaspirit
    Quote from meownsmile
    With that, i too think risk management would be a good place to discuss this patient. I also understand, yes people walk around with BP's that high all the time but people also have strokes all the time. A blood pressure that high should have been addressed. I also understand the surgeon didnt want to keep the patient, he had done what he had the patient there to do and blood pressure isnt something he treats. We have an orthopedic like that too, dont call him for a blood pressure problem or you may get screamed at so loud they will hear it into next week. But that is also when you advocate for your patient and request they order a consult for the blood pressure problem. If they still wont you can document you suggested a consult that was refused and the ball is back in the doctors court if they guy goes home and has a blow out because of his blood pressure.
    I totally agree! People do walk around with BP's that high, but they are at risk for multiple problems. And yes you did all you could do. You did advocate for this patient.
  2. by   rita359
    In addition to my previous suggestions, if your institution does discharge phone calls this is one patient I would be sure I did the discharge phone call on. That would give you another opportunity to follow up with the patient to make sure he is following up with the primary care physician.