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At my hospital, we are considering dropping the second nurse to check a sub-q insulin administration. If you work at a hospital that does not require you to have a second nurse check the sub-q... Read More

  1. by   Mommy TeleRN
    We don't do double checks. But if I'm drawing a large amount I always draw up at bedside so to confirm with the patient. Ie. drawing up 50 units Lantus. I'm terrified of being in a hurry and drawing up 50 units regular by accident. So I do it very slowly and carefully and explain to the patient what I'm drawing up for them.
  2. by   Dakota1592
    I agree tweety. We have to get over ourselves. The double check is not about whether or not our co-workers trust us or our nursing skills. It is about patient safety. If your policy is to double check then do it right.

    We do not double check insulin. If I am giving an exceptionally large dose I always request that another RN check my orders/calculations etc.

    As a side note, during my directed study in nursing school, the hospital I was at stopped doing the two person check on insulin because insulin related med errors actually increased with the double check system.