RN moves from non medical to medical nursing

  1. Ok, here goes. For the last three years (since passing NCLEX and ADN DEGREE) I have worked in psych. What this means it that really I don't use Medical Nursing skills at all. Well in 15 days I am moving to a Med-surge floor as part of my training prior to going to ICU. This all part of a more than decade of planning on my part. This thing is, I am not sure I remember jack from my training while in school for an ADN. I am ja LOT nervous and and I am seeking advice/ wisdom from those there or that have been there. My clinical skills are what I feel are lacking thats why I agreed to go to medsurge before ICU. I am a path toward anesthesia (CRNA) it is my long term plan. See my other posts also.
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  3. by   renerian
    You can either go through your books or I bought an advanced assessment book on line to both refresh and go advance assessment skills for higher degree programs then mine. If you want I can post the title so you can do a search. Let me know.

  4. by   majrn
    Surely your facility will be giving you some sort of orientation given your situation. If they arent offering, my advice is start asking for it. They cant throw you to the wolves so to speak and expect you to be up to speed right away. Ask to be oriented by a seasoned preceptor, just like anyone would who is going to work on a new unit. Especially since your specialty has been mind healing vs body healing. If they refuse, I sure would consider my other options. I have been a med-surg nurse for 15 years, it definitely takes a jack of all trades, so to speak, to manage on a busy med-surg unit. Good luck, let us know how it turns out!
  5. by   avolensky
    Hi! I am too going into med surg on the 22nd of this month. My experience is with community nursing back in the Philippines. I am excited but scared as well knowing that my clinical experience is not enough.

    I would really aprreciate if you can share with me how it is / what happend on the first few days that you got in...That would truly somehow ease a bit of the tension..I dont know anybody here yet..I just keep logged on to this site to voice out my concerns. What preparations did you do?

    Hope to hear from you.
  6. by   Dr. Kate
    Use all the resources available to you: text books, journal articles, P&P manuals, other people, PDR, etc. Ask questions, lots of them when you don't know or understand. Ask people from other departments to explain what they're doing and why. Participate in care conferences with case management. Hone you assessment skills on anyone who will sit still for it (friends, relatives, patients.) Chances are in psych you've already learned how to think through problems, now it's a matter of applying that skill to another body of knowledge. You can do it! You've already been successful as a nurse.

    Good Luck.
  7. by   MrsK1223
    I have only been a nurse for almost two yrs and went straight from school to psych nursing and now do dermatology nursing. I've thought about going to med/surg just so I can learn some skills even though it's not want I really want to do but seems most areas want you to have some med/surg background and it terrifies me to think of being thrown on a floor and just having a panic attack. The hospital here is bad known for that and is why they have a huge turnover but there really isnt any other options. I'm with you on this one and you're not alone. Melissa
  8. by   debRNo1
    hi Im an RN who was an LPN for many years and all my experience is in LTC. I have just this week started my first hospital job.

    I worked my way from med nurse to nurse manager in my last LTC facility and since becoming an RN (2 yrs) have not really utilized my skills and decided to go to the hospital because I have decided that management especially in LTC is really not for me. I would much rather be out on the floor running around than sitting in ANOTHER meeting !!!

    Needless to say this week was totally overwhelming and I have been a victim of sensory overload !!! And I havent even been on the unit yet !! We have an extensive and individual orientation for "as long as we need" ? Probably 4 weeks.........

    Im excited but of course a little afraid, common sense prevails and when in doubt ASK of course. They said that it will take a full timer ONE yr to feel comfortable on the floor.

    well good luck to all of us new kids on the block