Options or No Options?

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I am a senior nursing student at a university in New York.
    I will start applying to hospitals in Manhattan towards the middle/end of the Fall Semester.
    I would really like to start with Hematology-Oncology or on a Cardiac Unit; however, I was talked into the idea that I should work on a Medical Surgical Unit first to gain experience. Which I do think is a great idea - my question for you all is, are there options when applying for a Med Surg Unit?

    For example, would I be able to apply for a Cardiac/Telemetry Med Surg Unit?
    Or is Med Surg just Med Surg, and you get everything?

    Thank You!
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  3. by   KeepinitrealCCRN
    med/surg is a general category. most med/surg floors specialize in certain pt populations like oncology or neuro etc. in my hospital telemetry is under the umbrella of critical care because you have less pts than med/surg and you are required to now cardiac rhythms, meds and procedures etc. although generally speaking i believe telemetry is more of an intermediate/stepdown type of unit. on telemetry you will get a mix of pts but the general theme will be the heart even if they come in with something else. if they have a cardiac history they will most likely require cardiac monitoring and will be admitted to a tele floor. also as i mentioned an oncology floor would be considered med/surg but most of the pts will be oncology pts which may be what you are interested in.
  4. by   mrcleanscrubs
    SICUmurseCCRN, BSN, RN ,

    Thank you for your informative reply! It sounds to me that Med Surg units have a focus per floor. I'm looking to work at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, I'm assuming that each floor is divided by body system(urology, neurology, hepato/renal), they would still count as med surg units, right?
    I'm looking to get the most med surg experience during the 3 years I attend my DNP program.

    Thank you again!