1. Does your med/surg unit have a protocol/time limits for patients with nonrebreather masks? Do they have to be moved to stepdown/CCU after a certain amount of time?
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  3. by   tokmom
    No. They stay on the floor, but are under the watch of respiratory
  4. by   ama3t
    Yes. We can't have pts with an O2 requirement greater than eight liters. If we put a pt on a non rebreather, its likely we will end up calling an RRT.
  5. by   BiotoBSNtoFNP
    Pts who require a NRB cannot be on the med surg floor for more than an hour. If they need an NRB we ate usually calling a rapid or having the doc assess them asap. Sometimes, they might say just watch them and see how they progress, but they cannot stay on the floor for longer than an hour. Unless they are comfort care.