new job jitters

  1. hi- i'll be starting a new med surg job- 7p-7a. I've never worked med surg, just LTC and home health care. Now i am worried that I've bitten off more than i can chew. I am 47 years old. Any words of wisdom? thanks, and Happy New Year.
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  3. by   tokmom
    Yeah, you will do fine! There will be a learning curve as with every new job, but the skills you use at your previous jobs will be the same ones you use now just on less patients!
    I did LTC work as a new RN and worked per diem on a med/surg floor. In many ways the med/surg was easier. At the LTC facility, I had to care for 20 plus patients and assess any problems by myself. No MD hanging about or a code team.

    Keeps us posted and congrats!
  4. by   blackjack0807
    Hi Sophie

    Hopefully, I will be in your shoes soon. I have applied for a variety of med-surg positions. Haven't gotten a job yet. Wondering how its going for you? Any tips?
  5. by   semperfiRN
    Hi-I have a new job jitters too. Starting a med-surg flr in few weeks. Our med-surg floor covers newborn to geriatrics. I have worked in clinics/outpatient but not in an acute care. I recently tried LTC, but it didn't work out. I was told that I was "slow" at passing meds for 20 something patients. Although I am a nurse myself, some nurses do scare me...or may be bedside care, really.

    I think some times the seasoned ones expect you to do a handstand right away. With practice, of course, you will be able to do a handstand like a pro. Just have to remember to let go of judgement and work with gratitude & love. I love to learn but hate the nagging or trash talk....well, I probably can use a little attitude adjustment...

    I am sure you will be fine(I have been told many times too, just have to let myself believe it). Good luck to you and I think I will be posting for support once I get there. I like to hear other nurses experiences & stories.
  6. by   sophie09
    hi- just an update- i have a great preceptor. So far, so good. Its better than I thought it would be. This 12-1/2 hour shift flies by, but doesn't completely wipe me out (yet). I think i can actually do this
  7. by   Morainey
    Yay! Glad to hear it.