method to give lovenox

  1. I know you can't give medical advice but I have a question. My mom has to take lovenox but sais each time she does, it hurts and burns and she has alot of nasty bruises on her belly. one actually was like hard and lumpy. she knows to clean the site with alcohol and give at a 45. She is rather heavy and maybe could try a 90. she asks me cause i just graduated from nursing school but i can't bear to give her the shots. ok, what could she be doing to cause the excess bruising and pain and burning? i thought maybe she could try her arm like insulin but then she'd get bruises there too. i told her most every patient i've had has gotten bruises from lovenox but hers are extensive. the doctor isn't too concerned. a nurse said there's a way to do it to minimize bruising but i can't remember. thanks
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  3. by   tobrea
    tell her to try the 90 degree angle. there is burning with lovenox. just remember not to rub the site since it is a form of heparin it will cause bleeding and bruising under the skin. also do not use any type of warm compress for the reasons listed above. continue to give in the belly since there is more tissue there to absorb the med. hope this helps
  4. by   gitterbug
    Do not pinch site prior to injection since this adds to bruising. No rubbing of site after injection. Alternate injection sites each time, use 2 finger rule, and avoid wearing too tight undergarments.
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
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  6. by   NJNursing
    I also find giving it more laterally than towards the center helps as well.
  7. by   nurse dimples
    you will be better off if you count to ten before pulling the needle back out this helps the med to stay towards the bottom of the injection site and it won't come back up to the surface of the skin and cause bruising
  8. by   kellyskitties
    OK, personal experience. If I inject a large dose of lovenox faster - pt complains of burning. If I inject the medicine very slowly - they say things like "hey, that didn't burn like the last one they gave me."

    Put the needle in quick but inject the medicine slowly. Should help