Med Seeking Patients - page 2

Hi All, I've been at my current hospital for over a year and seems like we're getting more and more "med-seeking pt's" on our med/surg floor. This is a term frequently used on the floor for pt's... Read More

  1. by   sammy75
    SusanNC I totally know where you are coming from. I have had numerous "frequent fliers" who have flat out told me they are just there for their pain meds. Of course these are the same people who are constantly going downstairs to smoke, swap stories w/ other patients, etc. I've even had patients who where directly across the hall from one another, both would go smoke together (of course stopping their IV pump and disconnecting them before going outside) and then when they came back they were in sooo much pain or they were sooo nauseated (sp?) while sitting eating potato chips and just laughing as you walk out of the room. That really p***** me off!!!
  2. by   litbitblack
    I can honestly say sometimes I do get judgemental about these types of pts but what I do when I know someone is timing there pain meds is to just write on their board or tell them when it is next due and I schedule it on my worksheet. If you know they are going to request it you might as be more ready to give it. Then they build the trust that is needed for them to feel comfortable. You also cut down on them coming to find you. I haven't really had anyone come find me for thier pain med. I did have one pt that had a horrible cellulitis and wanted more ms after getting 6 mg. I called the doc for him and he ended up leaving ama to go somewhere else. You can't win them all but at least if you are the advocate for the pt then they will build that trust in their caregiver and it makes their healthcare exp better.