1. Does anyone know of a good lab interpretation resource? I pulled out my MS text but its just too much. So, I'm just looking for something that's a quick and easy read, that I could reference from time to time. I'd like to have a better understanding of how certain lab values are r/t to the pt's dx when I check my labs at work. Plus, I'd really like to get a better understanding the acidosis vs. alkalosis stuff. I'd really appreciate any advice or tips any of you have to offer. Thanks.
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  3. by   smk1
    I have Mosby's lab and dignostic reference. It is about the size of a drug book (maybe a bit thinner) and is a red book. As a student it is a great quick reference to look up what an abbreviation or lab value is, what the normal ranges are and what the related issues usually are.
  4. by   rnintheeast
    I have used and found this site to be extremely helpful.
  5. by   RN28MD
    In regards to acidosis and alkalosis there is the book anatomy and physiology made incrediably easy. I found their explaination to be the easiest to understand. It is about 4 pages so if you don't want to buy the entire book whick I believe is about 35$ just go to the book store BORDERS and read it. If for some reason you can't just PM me and i can try to scan it for you. Good luck