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We are going to start using the Intellidot system at the hospital I work in. I was just wondering if anybody is currently using it and what their opinion of it is.... Read More

  1. by   NurseCherlove
    A bit off the subject here, but I wish they would have computer systems where the MD has to enter in their orders electronically. That way, no problems with handwriting or need for clarifications (i.e. would not let the MD proceed without all proper elements - dosage, frequency, etc. - saving another phone call for nurses). And the process of processing orders would be even faster.
  2. by   rnrae
    Intellidot is the most annoying, time consuming, frustrating system! I end up charting my meds on the computer when I get really pissed!
  3. by   Pfiesty
    Many of the dots won't scan. Fellow nurses say they just scan any injection location or any reason theat will take the scan. So, the caret promotes false charting - just for time constraint reasons. Sounds like an PI attorney's dream to me!
  4. by   bellafea
    Quote from rnrae
    Intellidot is the most annoying, time consuming, frustrating system!
  5. by   I<3H2O
    It saddens me to hear all the negative things with Intellidot. We are getting this system at the hospital where I work in the next month or so. I am probably going to work at this hospital for YEARS still and on our busy med-surg unit, we don't need one more thing to slow us down. :icon_roll
  6. by   Pfiesty
    We joke it is a good thing that the hospital has hurricane-proof (unbreakable)windows because one frequently hears, "I'm going to throw this (expletive) thing right out the window!"
  7. by   MedSurgLPN2005
    I dont know one single person that actually LIKES the Intellidot... and if you ask me, its setting us up for more error than ever.. The worksheets are a horrible system to depend on. (They get thrown out after 24 hours) Things are always getting missed and nobody is held accountable..
  8. by   jmeng
    I use intellidot. It's alright. but backward system!!!!i have worked with better system where u scan patients and medication.
  9. by   ayla2004
    We now have e prescribing and admistrion of meds and Althouh we have I'd bands with
    bar codes we don't scanmeds.
    I like being able to ring a on call doctor get a med ordred and it appears on the screen
    great 4 pt on warfrin without a dose px, no to vo orders allowed at my work.