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  1. Hi All,

    So glad I found out there's a Med/Surg site. I graduated in May and was one of the few in class that listened to our Inst. and went Med/Surg (for all the experience). This is my last week with my preceptor - even though I've basically been on my own for weeks, this is such a huge, busy, chaotic floor, I still don't feel quite ready to be out there without a "net".

    If anyone remembers the old I Love Lucy Show episode where Lucy gets a job at a candy factory and can't keep up with the other workers - that's exactly how I feel everyday at work - I love the patient care part of the job, but I'm having trouble with the mountain of paperwork, the phone I have to carry that rings constantly, etc. There's just so much to learn and everytime I start working with one patient, I'm told to drop what I'm doing and go do something else, I feel like I'm constantly behind and can't ever catch up.

    I was in the middle of putting contrast into a pt's ng tube today for a CT scan - my phone starts ringing. I decided to let it ring and finish what I was doing. Someone comes in the room and jumps all over me about not answering my phone -said PACU was one the phone to give me report on a new admission and to stop what I was doing. I did what I was told, next thing I know, the new admission is on the floor (while I'm still getting this guy ready for his ct scan) and once again, I'm told to stop and go do the new admit. Then I'm chewed out when radiology comes up to get the ct pt. because he's not ready. Good Grief!!!! I knew I'd have to multi-task, but this is totally ridiculous...

    I was so totally overwhelmed, I was ready to toss my phone out the window, walk out the door and go apply for a job at Wal-Mart... Instead I went to talk to the Nurse Educator - told her what was going on and Thankfully, she's paired me up with another Preceptor (with lots more experience), who is apparently better at one-on-one teaching. I just wish they'd let me have a few patients on my own for a couple of days (without worrying about admissions or discharges), so I can get a routine down and really focus on their care, actually get to finish something and have everything completed by the end of the shift - instead of throwing everything at me at once and letting me flounder....

    Sorry guys, just had to vent - it's been one of quite a few very stressful days, I just keep hoping it gets better...
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  3. by   RNinSoCal
    Hello from a fellow med/surg nurse. I personally like the fast pace, demands and variety of med/surg. I am currently on night shifts (and bored to death). I miss the chaos.
    My piece of advice as far as the people who yell at you is:
    Consider the source. If it is a unit secretary, radiology tech, transporter, phlebotomist, or someone who is not a nurse who is yelling at you to drop what you are doing then just calmly state "I am caring for this pt now and I will be there soon." Unless it is an emergency of course! You are the care manager for your patients and you decide what your priorities are. The charge nurse or CNA could have made the pt comfy, given them a call light and explained that you were with a pt and would be there soon. Or you could ask the charge nurse to give the contrast while you took the admission. Giving contrast and disconnecting an IV or NG should not take too long for the charge nurse. I am sorry if you do not have helpful charge nurses like I do. Some hospitals are really terrible about understanding that we have only one pair of hands.
    I found it much easier as an RN after my orientation was over. I was able to create my own routines and methods of getting things done instead of having someone constantly barraging me with their own routines and methods that just did not work for me.
    It does get easier! Hang in there and you will develop you own "Nurse Sense" that will help you prioritize and complete tasks.
  4. by   porterwoman

    I know it was a heinous day, but I also had to smile--the picture of Lucy and Ethel stuffing all the chocolates in their mouths and shirts and hats and yet the chocolates still keep coming--gosh, that is totally a day in med/surg! I'm doing the med/surg thing too, just over a yr past graduating, so I'm right there with ya. Good luck and keep at it.