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  1. I need some help with shoes. I am a little overweight but trying to correct that problem but I have having some problems with my feet. After being on them awhile, my heels start to burn and my legs and feet begin to feel very achy. I am currently wearing New Balance 338 because people told me they would be good. I am just curious what other people are wearing and what your opinion is? Please help. Thanks Tammy
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  3. by   Marlo2bRN
    I would recommend getting either support socks or hose. I found a major difference when I started to wear them. My feet and calves never bothered me again. Hope this helps you out!

  4. by   altomga
    I really like my Nike's and my anyweay clogs,.....but everyone's feet are different. Try the support hose to like Marlo2bRN suggested. Keeps the blood alive in your legs....use inserts to for heels....I've heard they really help!
  5. by   jetsetter
    See a podiatrist for orthotics! these are inserts for your shoes to be sure you are "balanced" on your feet properly. I went from very painful feet to ending a 12 hour shift without pain. they can be very expensive ($400) but insurance should pay. Everyone on my floor has them, it really helps.
  6. by   Paige Turner RN
    I just purchased my first pair of Dansko clogs..............dreamy, I will be buying more............I had burning feet and achy legs tooo but no more............................
  7. by   Ruby Vee
    I used to wear Reeboks cross trainers, but had multiple problems with my hips and knees. I went to Dansko clogs a couple of years ago, and I cannot say enough about how wonderful they are! My husband laughs at me because I now have a pair of Danskos for just about every occaision -- I rarely wear anything else.

    Danskos have steel arch supports. (OK, if they're not steel, they might as well be -- they stay supportive for years!) I'm a tad bit overweight myself after a knee injury prevented me from walking for almost 2 years. With PT and Danskos, I'm currently in training for a half-marathon (not in the Danskos -- NB 755s!) and walked 5 miles last Saturday.

    New Balance are great for fitness walking -- but for everything else, I wear Danskos!
  8. by   rileygrl11
    Love my Reeboks!
  9. by   Nurse1202
    I used to wear Reebok walking shoes ( the ones with the air chambers), but I found they broke down too quickly for my budget. I recently discovered the Rockers by Cherokee, and I love them. So far so good (over 3 months) and no pain yet.
  10. by   meownsmile
    I found that when you first start your nursing career, your feet just hurt after a long shift. Until you get used to being up and running 12 hours a day then it calms down and the painful days are only occasionally. A good pair of shoes that are comfy for you are a place to start. Give yourself a little time to adjust and find if your shoes give you enough support. It gets better.
  11. by   nursecratchet2716
    i too have the same problem as you. when i first hit the floor my heels and my legs ached. i tried everything that other members have posted except for orthodics ( as i was new and had no insurance). i found that through much trial and error there are three things that really help.
    1. try shoes called merrell. theses are very lightweight, and have a heel cup made for the problem that you are experiencing.
    2. use a whirlpool foot soak machine after work or anytime that your feet feel tired. a few drops of peppermint essential oil will really revive them.
    3. make sure that you supplement your diet with calcium and magniesium, omega three fish oil, and glucosamine.
    hope this helps!!! feel free to e-mail me direct if you have more questions nursecratchet2716
  12. by   DeeDee71
    I got my first pair of birkenstocks a few months ago and love them. I would recommend the support hose too. Also checking with oyur doc to make sure there isn't something else going on wouldn't be a bad idea, especially a change in shoes doesn't help.
  13. by   ladytraviler
    I swear by my Z-Coils. Never wear anything else to work. work 12 hour shifts and my feet feel like they could do 12 more. (feet only)
  14. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    I have the best luck, so far, with my Dr. Scholl's from Walmart with the inserts (probably also Dr. Scholl's) also from Walmart. I also work 12 hour shifts (no sitting down--between taking care of patients and running errands--I'm a nurse extern).

    However, I also like what I read in the other posts and am making notes for when the budget permits.

    Thanks, everybody!

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