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    Do any of you nurses think that this type of surgery is really dangerous? I mean, you're changing your stomach permanently--what if something goes wrong somewhere down the line. And don't the pts have to take supplements for the rest of their lives due to not receiving enough nutrients? It's scarey to me....i dunno.
    For some people, the risks of not having the surgery outweigh the risks of having the surgery. I have several friends that I know who have had the surgery. Prior to having the surgery, they had type II diabetes, way high risk for CAD and other heart disease as well as a host of other health related issues. While the surgery is risky and the patient may have to take vitamins, the benefits of the surgery have been very positive for the people I know who have had it.

    However, gastric bypass surgery, while considered an elective suregy, is not always elective for many people. A lot of people think that having the surgery is a way out of being fat. What they do not realize is that people who MUST have the surgery are generally those that have such compromised health from their weight, there are no other choices. Yes, there are physicians that will do gastric bypass for people that do not meet the criteria. But, a reputable physician would require a person to go through a battery of things before they would even approve the patient for surgery. Some of the things my friends had to go through include:

    - physician assisted dieting plan
    - BMI calculations .... not sure, but I think a person's BMI has to be greater than 30% (I might be wrong on this).
    - Counseling with a psychiatrist
    - Personal habit monitoring
    - physical exam to determine if the person is even a candidate for surgery.

    Once these items are satisfied .... and sometimes this takes a year or longer .... then the patient is aproved for the surgery.

    Ok .... I bantered enough I suppose, but it is an interesting topic. One of my friends is in the above process right now and she is scheduled for surgery sometime in February if all goes well.