Book suggestions to learn more in MedSurg

  1. Hi all! I'm a new grad and just started a job in MedSurg. Aside for the MedSurg textbook that I have from school (Brunner and Suddarth's) I'm looking for some other books that help me learn a little more and beyond the typical stuff we learnt in school. Not really a textbook, but more of a clinical companion that goes beyond nursing school knowledge.

    I came across on Amazon "Medical Surgical Nursing Made Icnredibly Easy" but from the reviews I read I get the idea that it might be very simplistic. Anyone have any comments on this?

    Thanks all!
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  3. by   NYNewGrad
    Anyone going to answer?
  4. by   AuntieRN
    How about Straight As in Med/surg? There are girls in my nursing class that swear by this series of books. We are using Brunner also.
  5. by   AviatrixRN
    I actually have that "Med-Surg Made Incredibly Easy" book and kind of like it. It does break things down pretty simply..but that kind of works for me.
    I got it at Barnes & could probably check it out there if you have a store nearby.
    Good luck,
  6. by   MarciaP
    Hi, I'm a new grad in Oregon on a post-surgical floor, except in winter we get a lot of medical patients due to overflow. I haven't read that book, but I used the NCLEX book by the "Made Incredibly Easy" authors and it was very helpful. I should re-read it. Also their magazine is good.
    Today I'm looking for a book or other guideline to improve my assessment skills. You know how experienced nurses can do an assessment incredibly fast, with a quick look, and then they know what aspects to go into more detain about, e.g. if it's a vascular surgery, do all the pulses; if it's a stroke, be sure you do all neuro checks. I'm looking for a cheat-sheet to remind me what to look for. So little time to assess on our floor. (This is my first posting at All nurses. Boy, this is a clunky and slow websit.)
  7. by   she.lpn
    Medical-Surgical Nursing Reviews & Rationales. I think its published by prentice Hall.
  8. by   dmarie (GA)
    There are a couple of different pocket reference books by Ehren Myers for nurses. One is for students, called Rnotes. But there is another one for Med-Surg. You can carry it in your pocket and it's highly recommended. Here's a link:
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