ANCC vs CMSRN certifications

  1. They said there's really not that much of a difference between these two exams..I've been on the ANCC website to practice some questions and also on the CMSRN website for the sample questions as well..they seem different to me..the CMSRN seem more "med/surg" like...correct me if i'm wrong..but seriously what is the difference..??
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  3. by   tokmom
    Good question. I took a 12 week certification study course that was geared to both exams. I took the CMSRN because it is has cheaper membership dues and there are other details like contact hours etc..

    I have heard that the ANCC might have more ethics, scope of practice, but do not know if that is true. The CMSRN was very broad in nature. Not sure if that is the same as the ANCC or not. It would be interesting to compare the two. All I know it isn't an enjoyable test to take. Probably just like the ANCC!!
    I tested just this Feb and a friend did her exam today, but did the CMSRN.
  4. by   SweetRNJ
    Yes you're right that's exactly how the ANCC seems more specific to scope of practice, delegation..i felt like i got a lot of legal questions..It sucks coz I almost passed it ..i got a 347..n minimum was 350...that probably don't really mean anything on what my changes would be taking it next time..That's why i was thinking about taking the CMSRN coz I've studied Woodruff's stuff..and looked at the sample questions and none of them looked like the ANCC one.

    I don't really know why i applied and took the ANCC exam..when I was really studying CMSRN stuff..i guess for some people it would not make a difference but for me it did...if I study the wrong stuff, the wrong way..i'm not that successful...
  5. by   tokmom
    I know of four people that took the CMSRN including myself. We all had different tests, focused on various diseases, but all of us noticed we didn't have it heavy in scope, ethics, etc..IMO, try the CMSRN.If you have questions feel free to pm me.
  6. by   SweetRNJ
    I was gonna PM you but it still won't let me coz I havent posted 15 stuff yet..hehehe.. so now i'm kinda torn with which one to take...I was so close in passing the ANCC but that doesnt really say anything on how I would do when I re-take it. So i'm really looking on to taking the CMSRN instead and actually buy the review books they have recommended on their website. I just wanna get this over with.

    And how long would you suggest to study for it?
  7. by   tokmom
    I studied for a couple of months prior. The class I took recommended the books on the AMSN website. I read the highlights of each section and did well on the test.
    What kinds of questions do you have? I think I can pm you.
  8. by   SweetRNJ
    Oh okay...i think i studied for at least 1 month..and its probably not enough time..coz with work and all i get tired when I get home..and when I'm off i usually dont wanna do anything..but before going in the test i felt really confident taking it thats why i went ahead and just took it..

    Maybe just tips on how to study for it..People keeps telling me to just keep doing some questions..but with the ANCC one maybe i should have really looked at the scopes of practice and the nurse practice act which i did not get the chance to do..
  9. by   tokmom
    That's all I did. I read.. a lot, on top of 15 hrs of webinars that were part of the class. I did have a few scope of practice questions on the CMSRN, but nothing like the ANCC seems to have. The course I took has a 96% pass rate for both tests. Talk about burn out though by the day of the test, lol. I was soo tired of studying.
  10. by   VivaLasViejas
    Sounds like the CMSRN test has become a lot more challenging since I took it in 2004. I was working Med/Surg at the time and barely reviewed the course materials; it was all just commonsense M/S nursing and I lived it every day.

    I remember going through the pages of the exam, wondering when it was going to get harder. It never did. I was done in something like 35 minutes (they allowed up to 4 hrs.) and passed with flying sure was a lot easier than the NCLEX! The certificate is still on my living-room wall where I hung it 8 years ago, even though I haven't worked M/S in over 6 years and my certification expired in '09. I'm still proud of the accomplishment, though, and now I'm seriously thinking about becoming certified in gerontology, even if it doesn't mean a hill of beans to my employer or anyone else outside my little circle of friends.
  11. by   kiwinarz
    Hi guys. I'm a New Zealand RN working in a surgical orthopaedic & plastics ward. I'm just interested to know what is this certification exams that you guys are talking about? CMSRN & ANCC? Thanks for the ifo.
  12. by   kiwinarz
    Info I meant lol
  13. by   tokmom
    Certification exams are exams you can take in most speciality areas. They test you on the knowledge in that particular field. If you pass, you can get extra pay per hour (most seem to pay a 1.00 more) and the personal accomplishment of passing said course.

    CMSRN is Certified Med Surg Registered Nurse.

    ANCC American Nurses Credentialing Center

    You can find further information at
  14. by   kiwinarz
    Thank you Tokmom