An "Eye opener"

  1. Hello All,

    After my first 2 weeks of consolidation on a busy medical unit I am finally starting to see the real world of nursing for the first time. While this is certainly not earth shattering news (I know it happens to everyone) the change from "college nursing" is extreme.

    A few examples that I can think of are:

    admissions and discharge (not alot of the program is devoted to this)

    meditech training (a language that is complicated and easy to mess up)

    watching RPN's use their full scope of practice (again not something I am used too , but a pleasent surprise since they are very knowledgable and helpful to a student)

    dealing with 15 acute medical patients (this was my first time past 6 pts and alot of work even with my preceptor's help)

    I didn't realize how much I would enjoy this busy medical floor and I would like to work there after I graduate.

    What was your experience when you first started on a medical floor after graduating?

    Thanks for listening

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  3. by   renerian
    Reality shock sums it up. ...........LOL.

  4. by   meownsmile
    I went back to the same floor i worked as a LPN. But i must admit still a reality shock. Same job,, just more to it. I agree school doesnt teach you how to handle 12 assessments, 4 or 5 discharges, and 3 or 4 admits throughout the day. And yes i figure most med/surg floors are like this too. Its a merry-go-round, just no rhymn nor reason to where it stops and someone gets off.