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medical surgical nursing help!

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hello everyone.

through out my student years I use to reread the book memorize new words that are important and it helped me pass the class (also I had great professors, who point out the important) but the method started to failed me when I got in to the program.

I don't know how I passed until now, feel like I didn't learn or study enough...

These are my problems

-Professors read power points, my professor doesn't make the test so anything she said is not there (there is no guidance, when I went to my professor for help, she said "you didn't study hard enough")

- struggling with S&S, I know people said you CAN'T memorize them just know the important BUT how do I distinguish which ones are IMPORTANT?? (professor is no help)

* I tried my best to read than write than continuously reread what I wrote, worked out fine for that week. next week I started to read new topics when I went back to the previous topic well lets just say my head was blanked out. I cried so much cause I felt like I gave everything, spend so much time... but everything was just.. gone. (I went into panic mode to depression)

my biggest concern is finding the focus (I am all around the page) every page of the book contain huge amounts of information.

so I was hoping if anyone could give me an advice like when you read what do you look for, which information you kind of well give up on? (I try to understand & memorize everything... too scare to let things go lol)

I understand everyone's situations are unique but it would be a great help if you guys can share your experiences and methods.

Thank you.

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