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I need some advice.....

I took my little form in to the PCP's office to be filled out for school. I just had my annual physical less than a month ago, and I knew my NP (rather than the MD I used to see) would be the appropriate person to do it. For whatever reason, it was given to the doc, and you would have thought it was an application for disability! Every med I've ever been prescribed in the 2-1/2 years I've been going to that office was listed as still currently taken (I'm not taking anything and haven't for four months--including HRT) and the "chronic conditions" I supposedly suffer from include GERD, osteoarthritis, depression, anxiety and allergies. I've never had allergies in my life! If my school (or God forbid, a potential employer) got a hold of this piece of fiction, I fear I would be greeted at the door of my CPNE site with a wheelchair, and I'd never get a job! (It doesn't help that I am also 50.)

When I had my PE, she finished by patting me on the shoulder and saying, "You're very healthy."

Fortunately the long list of meds caught my eye before I even got to my car, and I immediately returned to the office to point out the error and ask why the NP hadn't completed the form. According to the office nurse, the NP felt "a professional" should fill it out!!!

While I feel I can work out whatever the confusion may be with a less-than-five minute phone call, the NP won't call me back. Further the erroneous form is in my chart in the form of a copy.

So, here are my questions: how do I get the form removed from my record and is the lack of responsiveness an indication I need to find a different PCP?

Other than this and a couple of odd offhand remarks at my PE that I blew off (maybe I should have said, where's that coming from?), I really have no complaints and have generally felt pretty good about being cared for there. I just can't think of too many things more important than this.

Whatever (kindly) advice, suggestions or feedback may be out there, I appreciate.



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NEVER thought I'd be saying this: But, in your case, thank God for HIPAA! Otherwise, who knows where that screwy medical record may have ended up WITHOUT your permission??? I would demand to speak to the head DOC at that practice ASAP to get the medical record updated, with all the erroneous information removed. Then, I would seriously consider taking my business elsewhere.

PS. What's with the NP not believing she is "professional" enough to fill out a physical form??? A bit strange...

VickyRN, thank you so much for your response! I really needed the validation. I can encourage and support others' assertiveness, but I tend to hold back and worry if my own beefs are legitimate!

Amazingly, I got a call back from the NP this a.m. She read from the form that "a specialist" had to complete it for students with LD's looking for special accomodation (so a family practice doc is now a specialist in learning disabilities??).

I don't have an LD, and I certainly don't need or want special attention. She sounded a wee bit miffed when I clarified that, said something about "with [my] history" (what history? have I missed something?).... I told her I considered this to be very serious, that if this error ever got out I could kiss away any possibility of ever being hired. I thought she heard me. Maybe yes, maybe no.

When I said I was so serious I was considering changing PCP's, she said that since the MD had filled out the form, I would have to talk with him. OK, that's fine with me. Within minutes, she called back, he'll talk to me but wants to see me face to face--FOR A FEE! TO CORRECT HIS OWN ERROR! :angryfire

I just said I was too busy to come in and pay him for that. When I called the insurance company to make my change, I let them know that it appeared I would have been charged, and probably they would be too. They even made the change effective immediately, and as it stands I've got an appointment with a new doc on Friday. Hopefully the replacement forms will be in by then.

I hope the sense of relative calm I'm feeling isn't the infamous one before the storm.


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I just wanted to say that this whole situation is rediculous and if I were you I would have found a new doctor as well.

To pay so you can come in and they can fix THEIR mistake is outrageous. In fact, I'm so spiteful that I probably would cancel the check that I wrote to them for the first appt. They obviously didn't do it right, why should you have to pay for it?

I read an article that more doctors offices want to be treated like "businesses", ie. if you cancel an appt or don't show you still get charged for the appt. Well, then, if they want to be treated like a business they should start acting like one, providing quality service and information for a cost, and if they don't do it right, don't get paid.

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