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Medical/Oncology or med-surg?


So which would be busier? I would have to guess that med-surg would be busier, can anyone tell me anything about med/onco. floor? Thanks in advance.

psalm, RN

Specializes in Staff nurse.

Both are very busy. Med/onc has medical pts. with all kinds of stuff, renal, DM, pulmonary problems, lots of UTIs, dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, lupus, cellulitis and wounds,...then there's the oncology nursing which is a specialty all its own. Chemo certification and hanging chemo or syringes of chemo...lots of IV pushes for n/v and pain even with a PCA. The IV meds the med and onc pts get are high in number, you will get to know your pharmacist well! ;0

The use of SW, OT, Nutritionists and chaplains are all ove the hospital, but you will definately use them here, and finally hospice. Always something going on...

I work MedOnc (solid tumors) at my hospital and when the MedSurg float nurses come over they say, "You guys give soo many meds!"

I've oriented to MedSurg and it wasn't that bad, definitely less meds than MedOnc.

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