Medical marvel: Baby Macie Hope was born twice


I though about putting this in the Nursing News forum, but since it applies mainly to neonates, I stuck it here.... Check out this story:

Medical marvel: Baby Macie Hope was born twice

Returned to womb after life-saving surgery, she arrived 10 weeks later

By Mike Celizic contributor

updated 9:33 a.m. ET, Fri., June. 6, 2008

"When Chad and Keri McCartney say their infant daughter, Macie Hope, is born again, they aren't referring to religion-the month-old miracle baby really was born twice.

The first "birth" was about six months into Keri McCartney's pregnancy, when surgeons at Texas Children's Hospital took the tiny fetus from Keri's womb to remove a tumor that would have killed Macie before she was born.

The second time was on May 3, when the McCartneys welcomed their surgically repaired-and perfectly healthy-baby girl into the world."

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Isn't that just amazing??!!!!:yeah:


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We had a baby born with this was about that big too..she was a 27 week twin. They did the surgery and she did live, but had to get somewhere around 400ml of PRBCs during surgery!!!!! I guess most babies die in surgery from massive blood loss.


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We've done a few EXIT procedures here, but that was for neck/tracheal masses, not a spinal tumor....

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I've seen one of these tumors on a 30 weeker. The tumor was bigger than the baby. It was a no prenatal care, stat c-sec, at a small hospital. Baby was transfered, and died during surgery. So sad.

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