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  1. If you were in my shoes, would you take the job?

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      Yes, but its going to be hard to get in
    • Maybe, depends on the salary AND compensation, benefits, childcare,
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      Maybe, depends on the salary
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      No, because its either not a good hospital or there are better opportunities

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I am a recent RN, I have 5 months acute care (ICU, tele) and 1.5 years of home health. I want to leave home health and go into Mother Baby, however recruiters tell me no Mother Baby/LDRP units will hire me because I don't have 1 year of experience in acute care. MCDWH is opening in April 2018 and they say they are hiring RNs with no Mother Baby experience. I am willing to move my family of small children from NJ to Dallas if it is worth it. Does anyone work at the main hospital or Children's hospital? Any advice on the following:

- how to get a job there?

- how to negotiate a salary / relocation package, housing assistance?

- How are the employee benefits and childcare?

- What is the employee/hospital culture, how is the work environment?

- Is this a once-in-a-lifetime type of opportunity?

Thank you for any feedback.


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I don't work or even live in Texas, so that might be the best hospital and area of the country. I don't know. What I do know is that, no this isn't a once in a lifetime opportunity. Lots of hospitals don't require that experience. Look around.

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I moved from a high cost of living, high tax area to Texas and I have never looked back. The housing savings alone made up for the tiny initial pay loss, but the lack of income tax and growth down here has already put me above where I was in Boston. Dallas is a growing area with abundant reasonable housing and opportunities for nurses as well as good schools in the suburbs.'s not Jersey.


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I agree, its so super saturated up here. There are no openings for training nurses to another speciality because there are plenty of every kind of nurse. I'm looking anywhere that can train me and I can stay, get my experience at a hospital, then move to GA (I'm looking here too) to settle down with the kids. I also am looking for RN residencies that will except nurses that are not recent grads.


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As a new grad, Med City Dallas only pays $15/hr while in training (5 months). I'm not sure if that is the case with an experienced nurse getting re-trained. But it's something to think about. After a training period, they bump up your pay. I'm PM you with a recruiter name/number.


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Unfortunately, I can't send/receive PM because I haven't posted enough.