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Medical Campus Fall 2015


I would like to start a new section for all the students that are applying for Medical Campus fall 2015. Let's share our experiences. Good luck!!!!!!!!

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Hi! I have yet to apply but hopefully I'll be applying soon for the Fall 2015 part time option. I'm also hoping MDC doesn't implement an entrance exam again. Which program will you be applying for?

Hi how are you? I will apply for the generic and also for the accelerate program. I hope they do not change that. I am happy I do not have to take this test, actually I went today to the medical campus, and I asked to the adviser about it, but she said they do not know. I am trying to raise my GPA. My general is 3.61 and my science 3.60. I am waiting to see how is going to be the acceptance process for the sprint 2015 to have and idea.

You have great GPAs! I'm also trying to raise my overall GPA by taking a class that will go towards my bachelors. I have a 3.18 and a 3.53 in my science, which isn't great but it'll have to do since I'm done with all the pre-reqs. I've been following a few other threads and it seems that MDC makes their decision based on the GPA of all those who apply. So I'm praying I have a shot at getting accepted. Fingers crossed!

This is not a bad GPA. Just stay positive. I'll see you in the class fall 2015

How are your classes going

Well I finished all my pre-reqs and graduated with my AA this past May. I'm not taking any classes now, but I'm planning on taking the sociology class that's needed for the BSN in the Spring so I can get it out of the way and not worry about it when I start pursuing the BSN.

How are your classes going?

I am doing good, but Math is killing me hahaha... I want to start the nursing program already. Thank God we don't have the test entrance

I am doing good, but Math is killing me hahaha... I want to start the nursing program already. Thank God we don't have the test entrance

Math is a killer for me too! And yes thank God! I'm so happy about that!


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What is the WORLD is Medical Campus 2015?

What is the WORLD is Medical Campus 2015?

It's referring to Miami Dade College - Medical Campus. This is a thread that was started for the students applying to their Fall 2015 nursing programs.

I just sent in my application for fall 2015. Now it's just the waiting gaming :/

OMG you did already. The game started.

I am thinking to send it in january.

I did mayavila, I am doing the health class and physiology lab 2 in spring but the advisor said I could apply so I just went ahead and did it.

I've completed all the pre-reqs but I'm afraid to apply so early, mainly because that means a longer wait time to receive a response and that's going to be a killer for me! LoL I was thinking of applying between mid Jan through early March..

Lol I know. Imagine waiting from now until June. I have classes to complete next semester. I am thinking to apply in January.

I know the waiting is killing me too but tick tock