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I have a question for Texas nurses, ma’s, providers; because it’s become a concern.

1. Can medical assistants “draw up” vaccines in Texas ie: COVID 19 vaccines???? 
According to my research they are trained and checked off drawing and administration. I just want to clarify due to some stating “I can administer but I can’t draw”. FYI; in this setting there is an LVN RN and NP present as well.  

I don’t see a clear answer to this on TEXAS board of nursing and just want to see if someone  could show me where or assist.  

Thank you  

MAs mix, draw up and administer Shingrix (and all other vaccines) in my state. I don't know why they couldn't do the same with Covid. Over time, our wonderful health care system will not continue to pay RNs to do this. Being a very conservative state, my guess is that Texas MAs have a wide scope of practice too. Also, I am seeing MAs triage all over the place, which is not in their scope of practice, but all of these companies get away with it. 

According to the American Association of Medical Assistants, "triage is "A communication process with a patient (or patient representative) during which a health care professional is required to exercise independent clinical judgment and/or to make clinical assessments or evaluations. It is my legal opinion that it is not permissible for medical assistants to be delegated triage (as I define the term) and non-triage communication is "A process during which a non-provider health care professional follows provider-approved protocols or decision trees in verbatim receiving and verbatim conveying of information."

If anyone walked into a clinic, they would see "in verbatim" is thrown out the window.

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