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Medical assistant scope in California

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Hi, I am an LVN in California. We have multiple medical assistants in the clinic I work in giving injections without first verifying them with a licensed person (me, a doc, etc). Per the california medical board laws and regulations, they are supposed to have all meds checked before administration. Well now, per management we are really cracking down on this and making sure at least I am checking when I am there during my shift. There is some push back though, as the MA's feel why should they have to be consistent now, they complain it "inconveniences" them or slows them down. There is also an MA that opens the department at 7 am, before myself or any docs get in. From 7-8 she occasionally gets walk ins for immunizations, TB tests, and regularly gives them without verification. No one licensed gets to our department until 8. I will say, we are one department of many in a large building so there are some docs somewhere, just no one conveniently available right away to check her. Shouldn't she be turning these walk ins away unless she makes the effort to find a doc or nurse in another department or floor to check her off? Isn't she working out of her scope otherwise? Management seems to think no hours for staff need to change, and they can be "lax" about it in the morning but the law doesn't say so.

Can't see why they are being selective about enforcing their rules. I would bring it to the attention of the office/practice manager, in writing if you feel moved to do so, and leave it at that. Don't be surprised though if they decide that you need to come in an hour early to do the honors!

Thanks for your reply, I have no problem coming in earlier and I did offer that , but they don't seem to think it's needed. Just doesn't make sense for them to only care that I do it between 8-430, and management does not seem to care what happens when I am not there.


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All I know. Giving meds with licensed verification is totally wrong and I think can be consider as malpractice. Just saying. I've been working to a outpatient now for almost 2 years as their lead clinical LVN some MAs are not following. I just let them face their act and reprimand consequences,