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Medical Assistant jobs - where to go?!

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Hello all, newbie here...

I haven't exactly gotten my hands in too deep, just yet, but that is why I am here to maybe get some insight. I am currently going to school for my MA. Some have said to continue thru to LVN. But I am seeing EVERYWHERE that more MA's are getting hired than LVNs. However, I didn't wanna get too in depth w this profession before I knew what I was getting into, thus starting at the bottom. I hear LVNs are mostly the grunt work, ie baths, diapers, cleaning, and what sounds sorta like having a child. It is for some, but I am one who sorta doesn't do well w that stuff. *forgive me* I do believe some of these medical professions take special people.

My question is...for all who have been here, there, and everywhere in this feild...if sky is the limit, and you were 25 again, no man or children to hold you down, what would YOU do? I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I have serious energy issues, so I knew from the start RN would not be up my alley considering the hrs. And also another reason why MA appealed to me. However, I am scared that when I grad I won't be able to find work, seein as most expect tons of expeirence.

I currently live in CA...and was thinking of going back out to NV(las vegas). Also, of the two which would YOU choose? And where can I find where to get NV certified?...(cuz I am assuming I will only be CA certified upon grad from CA)

Thank you so much...any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Up2nogood RN, RN

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I'm not sure where you're getting your information from but LPN's have pretty much the same job description as an RN, they are as much a nurse as an RN is. They can't assess or give certain meds but that varies by state. They are not glorified 'diaper changers' or anything along those lines. I wouldn't recommend looking any further into a nursing career if you can't handle bodily secretions. But if you like to help people maybe you can shadow a nurse to see what their job consists of, it may surprise you! You are seeing more MA job postings because they are cheaper to use than an LPN would be. With that being said, MA's are on the same payscale as CNA's in the health organization I work for. MA's have more responsibility than the CNA's and get paid the same but better hours and a slower pace.


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I'm an LVN and have worked along side many an RN doing nearly the same work. The exception being in some cases we can't perform intial assessment, give blood products or specific meds IV push. However, LVN scope of practice varies from state to state. Usually we utilize Nurse's Aide's or Patient Care Tech's for the "grunt work" such as diaper changes, showering and any other activities of daily living. An LVN's job usually doesn't differ significantly from an RN's, so I'm not sure where you are getting your info - maybe the MA schools tell people this, I don't know.... Any how, where I live it's easy to find LVN jobs as a new grad but are mostly limited to LTC, rehab, home health or medical offices. In my searches many of the MA jobs state that they require 1-2 years experience or that they will hire MA or LVN.

I would encourage you to go straight for your RN if being in nursing is what you really want. With your RN license you will have a wider range of opportunity and great income potential. It sounds like you may be new to healthcare so you may want to see what it's all about first before you make any big decisions. I would usually say start by getting your nurse aide certification just to get your feet wet, but it seems you've already started an MA program. Usually the CNA route is a good short and inexpensive route into nursing.

From what I hear, even some RNs in CA are having difficulty finding employment, much less the LVNs and MAs. For MA, I believe the certifcation if nationally recognized so you shouldn't have any problems moving from state to state.


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