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I was just interested on how many of you are using computer documentation (we have been using Med-tech for about 1 year now). I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Also, are you using PYXSIS (sp?, gosh I'm not sure if I spelled that right.) WE have been using that for about 6 months. now. I wasn't sure about that, but I like it too.

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We are transitioning into Meditech now. I have been using the pyxis system since nursing school. I love that but I am a little leary of meditech. Ours keeps messing up. Also, We have a lot of technically challenged nurses. So all I hear when I at work is "Melissa show us how to do that again PLEASE" I don't mind it but some things I find, I can't find again which si frustrating.


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We're starting Meditech next month. Needless to say, I'm not looking forward to these wholesale changes---order entry and documentation are challenging enough without having to learn a whole new system.......


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We use medi tech at the moment for patient data, diet and the like also staffing and scheduling. We will be using for direct entry notes starting sometime in the fall, as someone who's writing sucks I am looking forward to the change. No if we could get the doc's to do it we would really have something there



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We have been using Meditech for about three years for order entry, lab data, and some other things but not for documentation yet. We love it. It's very user-friendly, and if we think of something we would like to see it do, our expert figures out how to do it. We also use Pyxis and while it's easy to use, we have flaws in the system. It often gets used to bypass Pharmacy and so increases the potential for med errors.

Have used Medi-tech for over 5 years. Hate it. It is only as friendly as the programmers at your institution allow it to be. I did not have the luxury of developing beyond the basic skills. Between patient care and q 2 hr charting, plus meds and orders, I did well to keep up. Glad to hear some of you are excited about this system. Keep us informed as to the progress of your usage as time goes by. Have a good day all.

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