Med-Surg 2

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]I start med-surg 2 in approx. two weeks and I'm freaking out a bit. Can someone provide me with info. regarding med-surg 2? I.e. - what topics did you cover, difficulty level, etc.] I have taken med-surg 1 and it was pretty easy.

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry to say but Med-surg II was my worst class so far.

Of course, every program is different but our Med-surg II class focused more on critical care areas of nursing - respiratory, cardiac, endocrine/diabetes, emergency, etc. We also did some study in digestive disorders and urogenital. I'm sure I'm leaving something out but we had one 100 question test just on cardiac.

Again, every program is different but we covered everything we didn't cover in med-surg 1 basically and then we dug a little deeper in cardiac and endocrine.