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Hi so i am currently a medsurg nurse and have been for 2 years. I am looking for something new. Ive become so bored at work. there is an OR position open i am just not sure if this is somthing that i would like. Any input?


What.. exactly , are your current job duties? I can imagine everything .. BUT bored on med-surg.

OR is a specialty that appeals to many nurses. Will you like the hours? Can you put up the surgeons?

Request to shadow another nurse for at least one shift.

Good luck, keep us posted.

So I took a job doing home care. I know it's so different from the hospital but working nights was getting to me too. Now I feel like a normal person but I'm still nervous. I like educating patients and preventative care but for some reason in the back of my head maybe I should've stayed In the hospital. I thought I would like the hospital more but it's surprising that I didn't. What do you think of home care?

Sorry to hear that but a friend of mine just landed a great job in the OR of Urology. She only works mornings and days and only 4 days a week for 10 hours each shift. she said that there are more openings but it is in Maryland. Are you still lookiing?

Thanks but I just started a new job and it good! Plus I live in NY so don't really think that would work lol. Hope your friend enjoys her job

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