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I'm an RN and have an interview coming up for a med-surg position. The floor is split btwn med-surg and mother baby. Is that typical? Has anyone worked on a floor like this? Thanks.

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This is not typical,and IMO, and not safe...for many reasons such as babies have no immune systems (those patients better be clean and female) and due to security. We have a locked unit.

Thank you for your reply. I will f/u with the interviewer because that doesn't seem right to me either.

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Eh? So you take care of both? We have mother baby on our floor. Most of the hospitals I worked at did. However, they were behind doors of their own and officially their own unit. We just shared the floor space.

I can't see a M/S nurse taking care of both at the same time. I wouldn't want an iso pt and a brand new couplet.

Well I guess it depends on how its setup. I work on the Mother/Baby floor but its split up into 3 units. Labor and delivery, nursery and post birth unit for mothers, and womens surgery (all women's med/surg). I work womens surgery but the babies never come into contact with the area and neither do the mothers in labor and delivery.

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