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I will be taking my Med-Surg 1 Hesi in May. (Also my Mental Health Hesi as well) This counts as my final and 40% of my grade for both classes (med-surg 1 and psych). Please give me any tips or any recommended resources that you can think of!!! I want to start preparing is 40% of my grade so I need to put a lot of time towards it. Thank you so much for any suggestions!!

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Thank you!

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Purchase HESI/Saunders Online Review for the NCLEX-RN on Evolve. The questions are fantastic.

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The HESI review book comes with an access code to do practice HESI questions in Evolve. Do these questions in study mode and read over the rationales. I have taken all the HESIs for my RN program and am set to graduate in a few weeks. The questions available with the access code have been seen either similiar or identical for a few of the mental health and med surg HESIs. Not so many with the Exit but doing all of them will definitely help for preparing.

We were told by our mental health teacher that the HESI for that course was particularly hard in comparison to other HESI Exams-In my opinion (and most of my class), she was dead on-that thing was a whole different kind of animal than I have ever seen.

The med/surg HESI was not hard. My class needed an 800 on the med/surg hesi to move on to our capstone course. Most of us passed.

The last exam which I'm thinking you will have is the Exit-160 questions. All I can say is practice the heck out of the practice questions from the HESI book. The questions in the Saunder's review book (in my opinion) are too easy for the HESI. However, if you have a content deficit, Saunder's is a good review source for content review.

Good Luck!