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Hey I've been thinking a lot about where I want my education to go, and I

was wondering if I could get some feedback from some of you. I'm definetly

going to get my BSN. I may decide thats as far as I want to go and stop

there, but I'm keeping my options open. I was thinking about CRNA school,

but when I looked at MUSC's requirements, they say you need 2 years min.

critical care experience. Is this the norm, I thought most schools only

required one? I've also been thinking about med school, the requirements for

that at MUSC were about 90 credit hour . It looks like about the same time

frame after I get my BSN, to go for either CRNA or to med school, once you

add in the two years experience for CRNA school. I Does this sound right? Or

did I misread something? I guess my question is has anyone went from

nursing to med school? I don't really want be out of work for more than a

few years, that's why I'm going to an ADN program. What do some of you


Thanks Brandon


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Hey Brandon,

I too am thinking of medical school after nursing school. Here is an interesting forum for you to check out:

Since you are younger, what about just going straight to med school? Money?


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I'd say re-assess your situation after you complete the ADN and commence the BSN. Program requirements change over time, as will your situation / perspective / life goals.

Good luck!


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Thanks for the link hopegirl, I have a good job now (two more weeks to go) making really good money and I want to get back in the work force as soon as possible as a nurse. Then continue my education while I work. Also, thanks Larry, ultimately that's what I'll do. I've just been giving it a lot of thought lately. I should have looked a little better, I found another thread with some good info in it that was recently posted.

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