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I've recently received some training in pacu, which is something I've never done before, and our responsibility with the med rec sheet just doesn't seem right to me, so I wanted to know what others thought. As a patient moves throughout the various areas of the hospital to have surgery, I'm pretty sure that none of the surgeons ever even glance at the med rec sheet. It is stated in their general post-op order sheet that a patient can continue all home meds. There are no exceptions stated to this rule, and since the surgeons don't do anything with that med rec sheet, it is up to the nurses to circle whether the patient can continue taking each home med or not. That, to me, seems like a dr's job and I shouldn't be doing it. There are some medications that really shouldn't be taken right after having surgery, and I really don't think I should be making that call. Nurses have no authority to write orders, but that seems to me like it's exactly what this hospital is making all of the pacu nurses do. Am I correct in my assumption that this hospital is making its nurses practice outside their scope of practice and write orders, or are we actually covered in the event that something happened since the post-op orders do state that the patient may resume all home meds?

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I wouldn't feel comfortable with that either. That seems like if the nurse did change something or hold it, it would be practicing medicine as well. Maybe talk to your manager about this? It sounds dangerous to me.


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I agree with eatmysox- sounds like you are ordering/holding/discontinuing meds and that is practicing medicine. I would protest, bring it up with a chief physician, if necessary.