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They had an article in Medscape today. President Clinton unveiled a plan---due to all the medication errors.

I personally haven't made any medication errors....that I know of.

But thinking of causes...mmmm....why so many med. errors. What comes to my mind is staff shortages in both pharmacy and nursing facilities. But the article had no mention of shortages. (I know there's probably other causes, but the major cause is shortage)

But good news there was mention of $20 million for quality control.

On my nursing R.N.'s do quality control. We have different "volunteer" jobs in addition. (you have to join "volunteer" job to get a good evaluation or help for a raise) So in other words...US R.N's do quality control.

I hope that government keeps notice. And starts noticing the staff shortages.

The article also stated State base medical reporting of medical mistakes, looking at meds that look alike or have close names, and dr. writing. Which I'm glad they'll look at.

I would really like someone to notice STAFFING though. Increase of staffing can help a lot of problems.


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I too have read some articles regarding President Clinton's plan to report medical mistakes. I have some concerns about this. First of all, thanks to the major cuts this administration has made in Medicaid/Medicare funding, hospitals are operating on drastically reduced reimbursements, resulting in hospital closures, layoffs, and nursing shortages. Less staff to care for more patients at fewer hospitals. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me, especially when you add in long hours for nurses and interns/residents/physicians.

I agree that a review of some aspects of care wwill be reviewed. Quality control is necessary. But I would like to see legislation regarding things like lengths of shifts, nurse-patient ratios (in our state), and a return to the bedside nurse.

As far as Clinton's assertion that reporting of medical mistakes will not lead to an increase in medical malpractice lawsuits, I would like to know how this is true. I disagree. While some errors are just due to the imperfection of the human machine, if that error harmed your mother, child, spouse...what do YOU do?? Sure doesn't sound like a good way to encourage people to enter the healthcare professions, does it?

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