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Does anyone know how hard it is to pass the state test for this. I want to take the class so i can try and get a job doing this. But is curious how hard the state would be. I am certified as a nursing assistant but currently do not work as one. But i want to do something and be able to keep my certification but not have to work all the time as a cna. thanks


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I worked with med aides in Washington state. They never had to take any special training/schooling to be a med aide. They were just CNA's who worked at the facility. When the facility needed a new med aide they would just train one of the CNA's who worked on the floor.


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I work as a med aide in NC. But I actually just do the CNA job AND give their meds too. It was created to have one person doing that one job only. giving meds, (to reduce errors) but I guess it wont work like that everywhere. I work 3rd but still have to do a bath or 2 in the morn and things like that so if thats what you want to get away from check with each specific job.

The test was easy for me, there was few questions that seemed tricky in their wording and I had to think about what they were looking for but I only missed a small few....and im sure you would get whatever is passing. i took mine in Wilmington.

There is also a med tech, dont get them confused. Med tech does not require a class or anything, you study on your own and go in and take it. It was very easy. It allows you to work in group homes and other specific facililities. I needed the Med aid for my nursing home/rehab.

And I had to take a 24 hr course before I could take the med aide exam. It lasted about 2 weeks through a community college.