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hello to you all!

i have posted some on here, i don't know if this is the best place for the following post:

i graduated in dec. 08 and i didn't pass the boards the first go around and so, my job was not held for me. which means i am stuck as a sec/tech in the er i work as a prn person. everyday is a struggle for me. i know that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of new grad rn's that are in the same situation as me - no new grad jobs.

i hate it when the interviewers say " so you have no experience". this is where i say "yes i do - i work as a tech at a local er for 2 years, i had my preceptorship in the icu where i excelled, and i am fluent in spanish."

interviewer: "but no experience as a nurse"

:sniff: and so i breakdown later. unfortunately, i thought my family didn't think anything of it - my mom works as a tech in the med-surg floor upstairs from me. yesterday, she was so upset i thought uh-oh, menopause alert! but actually, she told me she was upset i was a tech, "you're a nurse working as a tech. why did you through all those days not sleeping, studying, working - life stinks"

and i agree with my mom. only some days. then there's days where i appreciate being able to pick my own hours as prn. then i remember how i got stuck with a 2 grand er bill b/c i have no benefits (on top of student loans). or the days i can observe the nurses how they handle everyday life in the er.

... i got way off track. my original post wanted to ask anyone with any wisdom to share with me - what to do in the meantime. seems like it may be a year or more before i get a job. i already feel like i'm losing skills. i know i should be really applying and re-applying and following up for jobs, but honestly, i'm tired of it and whenever the jobs come they'll come. not to say i'm not bursting inside at how frustrated i am.

what to do in the meantime???? (*thanks :D )


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Did you pass the NCLEX the second time around?

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How about volunteering at your local free clinic? Employers like to see community involvement, and you could practice your assessment skills. Also, practice giving replies to the interviewer that asks you those types of questions. Don't short-change yourself! You know that you use some of your knowledge and skills in your tech-job. Think about what they are, and find a way to "frame" them to an interviewer. Additionally, all that knowledge that you acquired didn't go in one ear and out the other...remember that you can still think like a RN, even if you aren't practicing as one. When you interview, are you presenting yourself in the best light? Are you looking completely professional in a suit, organized with copies of your resume (that you've checked over numerous times for errors), having good eye-contact, no verbal tics? Try having your Mom mock-interview you and/or video record your answers. Since you're getting interviews, that's better than some people, so they must be seeing something in your application/resume that peaks their interest. Think about what that is and how to make it shine when you have that interview. Don't be apologetic....have faith in yourself that you're the best person for this job. If you don't believe in yourself, why should an employer? Lastly, a hug for you, and keep your chin up--we'll all get through this. We just have to have faith and support eachother. Good luck!


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Keep applying! When HR sees your name over and over, and yes it will feel like that to both of you, they will see that you are someone who really wants a job. Believe it or not it is difficult to find people who 1- want a job and 2- who will work hard once they have a job. It sounds like you don't have a problem in either area.

Have you already taken your boards the second time? Is there a temp agency that is need of help? I wouldn't consider temping for any length of time but it does give you nursing experience. And remember you are competing with a bunch of new grads that are applying again. Don't give up!

Just out of curiosity what state are you in?

Good luck with lots of hugs! Your nursing sisters are here for you!



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all of your responses are so encouraging - thank you fellow nurses!

and YES - I passed!!!!!!!!!! second time's the charm lol. I got my license here in NC so I'm part of teh compact state, which is an advantage. I've mainly focused here in NC but I started applying in TX since my fiancee has a condo over there.

I have wanted to continue volunteering at the local free clinic, depending on my work schedule - so now I have more motive to go - thanks for your ideas - please keep them coming! :yeah:

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youre fluent in spanish and have no job offers?

man i know here in nashville, i know a couple of new grads who are fluent and spanish and got eaten ALIVE in job offers. dont worry. be persistent, and go IN PERSON.

i basically got an unofficial interview at the local psychiatric hospital today! it was great. just because i walked in at the right time. the lady at the HR desk looked at me and said "wow, youre lucky, they NEVER talk to anyone unless they schedule you for an interview. todays your day!"


EDIT: i just saw you are talking about going to TX.... you should DEFINATELY get offers if you're fluent in spanish :p

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If you are fluent in Spanish, that will help you tremendously when it comes to job hunting in TX. I lived there for a year, and most jobs (not just medical-related) either required or preferred applicants who spoke Spanish in addition to English.

One of my NS instructors also recommended volunteering at the local clinic, so once I pass NCLEX that's what I plan to do. I'm also going to work on getting ACLS and other certifications, if not before the NCLEX then right after it. I was job hunting right now, but due to health issues, I decided to postpone the bulk of that. I'm still sending out resumes and talking to a few contacts for possible interviews...but for the next month, I will concentrate more on resting and studying :)


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youre fluent in spanish and have no job offers?

I have big issues with the fact that I speak fluent spanish and no one is hiring me..... i put it on my resume, it's on of the headings : LANGUAGES - so it's not like i stuck it in the middle of no where on my resume, not only that, but in EVERY application i put it, i type it on more than once "fluent in spanish".... and yet i've only gotten 1 interview and that was only b/c the assistant nsg. manager at my ER told them to give me an interview....

i wish i was getting "eaten alive" :sniff:

p.s- in case you're wondering, i did not get the job i interviewed for (even though i told them, hey I speak SPANISH - u would think that would come in handy in an ER where 50% of the pop is spanish speaking)


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Don't give up! You are a talented RN. The job that is right for you will be the one you get! It sounds to me like you are not the problem but the community that you are applying isn't recognizing what a valuable assest you are!

The economy is pretty bad right now, don't take this personally and definetly look for a community that will appreciate an assesst like yourself.

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