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Hi, I have a silly question. I'm working on my BSN prereqs- two semesters down (almost), two to go. The local university requires a 3.0 GPA in both prerequisite coursework and cumulative GPA. Exaclty what is meant by 'cumulative gpa' in this context? Is this the gpa of every class I've ever taken, factored in with prereq gpa?


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Cumulative GPA is a tally of all the courses that you've taken, in which you've sent transcripts. You may have taken classes elsewhere, but if you haven't forwarded your transcripts to that certain school, they won't be able to include those grades in your GPA.

For example, say you attend College "A" and get a B in Algebra,

then you attend College "B" and get an A in Sociology,

then you attend College "C" and get a C in Psychology.

Then you send a copy of the above transcripts to College D.

Your cumulative GPA at College "D" would be a B for those three transcripts that you've sent.

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Cumulative is the grade of every single one of the classes weighted with how many credits they were and your quality points on a 4.0 scale usually.

For example you have an english class 3 credits and you get an A so 4 points per credit for a total of 12 quality points

Second class is a chem class with 5 credits. say you get a B so 3 points per credit. 15 quality points overall.

Combined you have 27 quality points and your GPA is 3.38

I hope that answered your question. But to reiterate cumulative means every class you have ever taken.

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