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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the MDS role and have a few questions about submission. First, what happens if you accidently submit a MDS twice? Will it flag? I started this role about a month ago training with 2 other MDS coordinators at two other locations. One of them was doing MDS for the facility I currently am at now. There was some issues with submission during the transition of me being on my own and I'm not sure where to go after asking for help and not receiving it. Long story short, will it tell me if it is a duplicate? Two, I'm an LPN in this role and an RN is require to sign my MDS's, We has all the CAAs completed but section V and Z were signed on day 15 making it late. Will that affect our reimbursement and change it to the flat rate? 

Any help is much appreciated, thank you! 



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When the MDS had already been accepted, the resubmitted one will be rejected. Review the validation reports after every submission. It will show the status of each submitted MDS - accepted, rejected, and other warnings.

Signing the MDS late will not affect reimbursement. It can be a survey issue.