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MDS question, please help!

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I am a newer MDS nurse, sort of thrown into the position. Had a resident scheduled quarterly 8/5/14, went out to hospital 8/15 and the other nurse (no longer here) closed the original quarterly due to her discharge. Upon readmission, we are conflicted. (Readmitted 8/18) Chapter 2 says:

When the resident returns to the nursing home, the IDT must determine if criteria are met for a SCSA.


If criteria are met, complete a Significant Change in Status assessment.


If criteria are not met, continue with the OBRA schedule as established prior to the resident's discharge.


If a SCSA is not indicated and an OBRA assessment was due while the resident was in the hospital, the facility has 13 days after reentry to complete the assessment

It sounds like we can put a new quarterly in on the day she was readmitted, being that we've determined that she does not SC. She is not MC, btw.

ANy insight would be so greatly appreciated.



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"Closed the original quarterly" - Does that mean the Quarterly 8/5 was completed or cancelled?

If completed, you don't need to do another assessment. If cancelled - it shouldn't have been since the due date preceded the DC.

If the original ARD 8/5 was set, "closed" but not deleted or discarded, you can "open" it and continue to complete it. Z0500B should be no later than 8/31.

If "closed" and deleted, doing the quarterly w/ ARD 8/18 will render it late. It still is required.