I have been an RN for almost three years with about one year experience in MDS. For the past year and a half though I have been working in cardiology (hospital and clinic). I left my MDS job when my husbands work relocated us. I've been looking for another since moving and I finally have an offer. It's a $3/hr pay raise and a reasonable commute just outside of the city we live in. The catch is, I would be the only MDS nurse and they want me to be on call for a week at a time every five weeks. The facility has 75 beds and the census currently floats around 45-50, but they are wanting to fill the beds I'm sure. In my last position we were around 100 beds and had two full time MDS nurses. I think I can handle the case load on my own even though I will need to learn quite a bit. I will also be responsible for PAEs/PASSR, care plan meeting schedule and invites, quarterly assessments (falls, bradens, smoking, etc.) Does anyone else think this sounds like too much or is it just me? I really want to take the job and I feel I am capable - minus the call. I feel like I need to be 100% focused on MDS anyways but also since I will be learning new things as well. They told me there would be call up front and they would train me on the floor- I've never worked the floor in ltc and I really want to get out of floor nursing for right now. I was polite and maybe too agreeable in the interview to the on call and I ended up basically getting offered the job on the spot. So now I am super stressed because I want the job but I don't feel comfortable being on call as an MDS nurse. I also don't have supervisor experience which they know... Anyways... Sorry this is so long. I am just so ready to get back into an MDS job. I am not happy where I'm at but I don't want to jump into something else where I'll be just as unhappy. In the clinic I have every weekend and holidays off but work 8-5, MDS would be 7-3:30

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You should not be on call, period.

You will be stretched enough with all the job requirements married with being a one-woman-show and learning the changes.

This is why MDS nurses are burning out.

Good luck!