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MDS 3.0 Data Collection Tool?


Does anyone have a really really good mds 3.0 data collection tool that they made? I am trying to make a good one in the right order as I am writing this, but realize I suck at making things like this! LOL If anyone wants to share my E-mail is e.kuster@aol.com.

Thanks so much =)


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I make copies of blank MDS relevant items for each discipline such as b-e for social services, k for dietary, etc and hand them out to the individual who will do the assessments after indicating the ARD on the forms. Thsn I have a cheat sheet I use for infor from the computer. I could send it to you, if you give me your email addy.


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ard:________ 7 back:________ 14 back:________

lastmds ard/type:__________________________

bims:________/________ mood:________/________


(sect.i) active diagnosis list:


uti past 30 days? y n

since last assessment? y n date:________________

medicationsused/taken (in past 7 days)


sect.j: (in past 7 days) sob w/ exertion

sob @ rest sob whenlaying flat hospice/terminal fever vomiting

j01800 falls (since admit or last assessment)

no injury_________ minorinjury_________

major injury_________


sect.k: (in past 7 days)


weight:_____________ height:____________



sect.m: (in past 7 days)

askin report/treatment book for pressure ulcers, skin tears, incont. skin relatedproblems, surgical wounds, etc.

sect.n (in last 7 days)

# of days injectionsgiven:_____________

# of days insulingiven:______________

# of days phys. changedinsulin orders:___________

# of days these meds used in past 7 days:

antipsychotic_____ antianxiety_____ diuretic_____ antidepressant_____ hypnotic_____ anticoagulant_____ antibiotic_____

sect.o (in last 14 days) while not a resident

chemo radiation oxygen suction trach vent/respirator bipap/cpap ivmed transfusion dialysis hospice isolation(strict)

sect.o (in last 14 days) while a resident

chemo radiation oxygen suction trach vent/respirator bipap/cpap iv med transfusion dialysis hospice isolation(strict)

flu shot:______________ pneumo:______________

physicianexam/visits (in the past 14 days)


phys. orders (in the past 14 days)

*not clarifications or readmit orders


sect. p restraints used inthe past 7 days: y n

used daily or notdaily?


othernotes, etc. can go on the back side