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Could someone give me an idea of what a "MDS COORDINATOR " would do. I currently do MDS' and am the go to person for everyone's questions. I already insert all MDS' for our 190 bed unit. I run a 48 bed unit 24 of which are rehab. Many of which are Med A and am sinking in MDS 3.0 not being able to keep up right now. They are trying to help by getting an MDS COORDINATOR position but wondering what that really entails, and if that is something I would want or to stick with my floor. Thanks for any input.

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When you say you insert the MDS for a 190 bed unit do you mean that you are putting all the MDS for the entire facility into the computer and submitting them? Sounds to me as if you are the MDS coordinator plus a lot more!!!!! Running a 48 bed unit on top of all of this sounds unreasonable and impossible

Wow, That seems almost impossible! We our a 173 bed facility and we have 3 full time RN's and 1 part timer and we are just holding our own. You poor thing, I hope they are paying you a lot of money for all that work. Ask for help, you surely do need it ! Good luck!

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An MDS coordinator manages the assessment process, sets skilled Assessment reference dates with the participation of an interdisciplinary team consisting of rehab, dietary, social services, activities, and in a perfect world, a provider. You manage the RUG levels, you are aware of and inform the DON of quality issues, and you communicate with your skilled patients about their treatment plan, or plan of care. The MDS coordinator sets the dates for the quarterly and annual assessments, and participates in the quarterly care conferences for long term care residents. Some MDS coordinators are consulted about re-imbursement for potential admissions to the facility. Your administrator expects you to know the number of skilled patients in the facility, and who their payor sources are. You coordinate with the business office manager at the end of the month to reconcile the diagnoses and RUG levels with the billing amounts and dates. And now that I see all this written down, I'm tired. Also, if you get to be part of the interview process for someone else being hired, please check their resume to see if they have experience juggling feral cats. It really helps.

I insert the dates for the MDS' (open them so staff can start working on them) I do not at this point set the MED A dates that comes from ADON and therapy at this time with therapy adjusting as needed. I am the only RN at this time doing MDS' on my unit where the majority of MED A residents are. I do feel like I am doing 2 jobs and not doing the floor any justice. There is no one else that wants this position and I already do so much I was looking at it as being easier than what I am cuurently doing ( I hope) though I know I have much to learn need to learn more on RUGS and CMI anyone got ideas where I can learn more about thses areas. Thanks

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I'm not sure if you are just opening the assessments or actually doing them and entering the info, or entering info for other disciplines. who did these things before you? other members of the IDT team can do different parts of the assessment, an RN just needs to see that it is complete, not that it is accurate. each individual that did a section attests to that. but i agree, even just keeping track of a 190 bed unit mds schedual never mind run a 48 bed unit is not just an impossible case load, it's dangerous. please be careful about accepting assignments. you can be held responsible for things beyond your capability if you accept it.:hug:

I do not do all assessments just the ones for my 48 bed unit. with occassional help I just enter the assessments for the other 3 48 bed units. thansk for your input

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