turning/repositioning program

  1. I understand the key word is program (ie: approach that is organized, planned, documented, monitored & evaluated)

    My MDS coordinator at new job is telling me almost everyone should have this area marked on their mds.
    According to facility policy, many patients are turned during the night, every 2 hours and prn -- but I don't see that as being a 'program'.

    I can try and organize & document a turning schedule, but not monitor & evaluate it on an ongoing basis -- in my own opinion.

    Was wondering what everyone else does for this area?

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  3. by   crissrn27
    I haven't been coding it (only been back in MDS world for a few weeks), for the same reason you haven't. It isn't set up here as a program (no documentation, no evaluation, etc). My regional MDS person won't even let me put turn q 2 hours on the POC. It has to be turn with care rounds.
  4. by   KristenLPN
    Better check your CNA subtask sheets. They should be documenting on turning/repositioning if they are anything other than being independent in bed mobility/transfers. Which they should be doing since anything other than being independent makes them at an increased risk for pressure ulcers...and I know that you should have pressure ulcer prevention in place, right? An actual transfer/bed mobility program constitutes under a restorative program, which is different, and does actually require additional assessments, narratives, globals, and documentation.