Short stay assessment?

  1. We have alot of residents who stay just for around 5 days or less and so they are qualified to be under short stay assessment instead of doing the regular 5 day assessment. Unfortunately im getting nursing rug instead of rehab rug, anyone know how to fix this issue? I use the 32 pages assessment coded as 99- 5 day- 0-1 as first assessment and 10 d/c not anticipated.
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  3. by   Talino
    Was it also coded as OMRA Start of Therapy assm't?
  4. by   aiker31
    thanks for the reply talino. yes it was coded as start of therapy as well
  5. by   Talino
    There are 8 conditions that has to be met in order to qualify as a Short Stay assm't. (RAI, pp 6-12 to 6-13, the algorithm p 6-14). If you believe you've met all 8, your software may not be calculating it correctly. You can either call the vendor or transmit the MDS as it is.

    If transmitted, the QIES will reject the assesment if the RUG score remains a non-Rehab RUG. The entire 8 conditions are NOT met, and the software is correct.

    If it is accepted, the QIES may have recalculated the software's incorrect RUG to a correct Rehab RUG score. A warning will appear. Notify vendor.